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Streaming Media—Unavailable!

We just received a corporate company e-mail informing us that streaming media traffic will be unavailable on our area wide network tomorrow from midnight tonight through midnight tomorrow.  They are doing this to “avoid a disruption of our business” that may be caused by everyone following the inauguration online.  They said we can watch the inauguration on TV in the break room during lunch…This really bothered me because I feel as though this is such an important day, more important than any day we have had in many years and they are trying to prevent us from being informed about the days events…ugh!!  At least I have my iphone:)

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On Friday night, I surprised the beau with a trip to Otto for dinner. He had gotten all four wisdom teeth out two weeks prior, and since he’s a meat/cheese/pizza man, I thought it would be a great surprise. Until we got there.  A snooty hostess told us it would be at least an hour and fifteen minute wait (?!), and was surprised when I said, “that’s fine…we can order a bottle of wine at the bar.”  Ten minutes later, Paul goes to grab something out of his coat (it’s in the coatcheck), and comes back to announce that they’re ready to seat us (we hadn’t even ordered wine yet).  As we follow one hostess back, the other hostess follows us to tell us that they weren’t ready to seat us.  Uhhh, what?  We wait (awkwardly) for the next table, and finally sit down.  A few observations:

  • the two-seater tables are far too close.  Not only could I hear what the women next to us were talking about, but I could hear them chew.
  • I’m all for authentic cuisine, but the entire menu was in Italian.  The extensive wine list had no descriptions, and even for Paul and I (who know a bit about wine), it was difficult to decide on which wine to choose because we couldn’t figure out what the hell our options were.
  • when Paul asked the waiter if a certain red was light, and how dry it was, the waiter clearly had no fucking clue and tried (unsuccessfully) to bullshit his way through it.
  • thanks for the super-stale sourdough, but it would have been better if you gave me some olive oil and balsamic or perhaps even peasant-like butter.
  • Paul’s pepporoni was so burnt that it was charbroiled.  The waiter seemed surprised when we returned it* and mentioned, “well, it’ll take 12 minutes for a new one.”  Yeah, that’s fine since this one is inedible. (* I don’t think in the nearly 3 years we’ve dated that I’ve ever seen him send a plate back)
  • My carbonara was so damn salted that it actually burnt my mouth.  I know that carbonara is supposed to be heavily salted and peppered, but so salty that I can’t enjoy it?  Nope.
  • The food was actually so bad that we declined to order dessert (and anyone who knows me knows that this is rare).  Instead, we went to the happiest place on earth and split a cupcake.

My advice:  famously owned restaurants are chronically overrated.  Mario, I thought we were palz.

Next time…for yummy Italian I recommend Apizz.  We actually almost went to Otto but when I was looking for a great place  to take my boyfriend for his birthday I found many great reviews on chowhound.com for Apizz.  We went there and LOVED it!

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I’m kind of obsessed with this video.

I really don’t understand what I just watched, but I’m kind of hypnotized by it.

I recently got to meet Vincet at the Cucalorus Independent Film festival in Wilmington, NC.  There was a documentary in the festival about him and his life.  What a nice and interesting man!

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When do you know for sure what you’re really supposed to be doing? With 1 career change at 25 and currently working at my new job/career for over a year now… It’s even harder during this time of economic insecurity to feel like you have the opportunity to throw caution into the wind and go back to school to establish more debt…



Don’t take shots of coffee Patron because you think it’ll help you paint. Because, it doesn’t. In fact, it fucks with your head and tells you to keep drinking and forget about your painting. And you know what? Don’t ever go outside and talk to the sixteen year old neighbor boy. He’ll ask you for some of your Patron, and you’ll give it to him because when you were his age, you would want me to do that same thing. And then his mother comes outside.

Don’t take shots of coffee Patron b/c it may make you unable to ever drink coffee again.